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A better tomorrow – for the careful use of resources

As the world’s population increases, we are consuming more and more resources. This corresponds to an increase in the consumption of water and raw materials, as well as in the volume of waste and products. For this reason, we have a duty to use resources consciously. This includes sourcing raw materials in an environmentally friendly manner, acting increasingly in line with the circular economy model, avoiding or reducing food waste and ensuring conscious use of fresh water.

At Lidl, we are constantly committed to the protection and conscious use of resources throughout our value chain.

Good to know

Food currently employs 55% of the Earth’s biocapacity, which is why the Global Earth Overshoot Day - a day that marks the depletion of renewable resources that the planet is able to regenerate within a year - in 1970 it fell on 31 December while in 2022 it was brought forward to 28 July.

Our commitment in figures


of our coffee has at least one of the following certifications: Rainforest Alliance & UTZ, Fairtrade or from organic farming


cocoa used in our products presents sustainability certifications such as Fairtrade or Rain Forest Alliance since 2021


of green tea, black and rooibos and 50% of herbal and fruit teas are certified by Rainforest Alliance & UTZ, Fairtrade or from organic farming

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