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Microplastics is a much debated issue of social responsibility. Since 2015, we at Lidl have been working intensely on it and support the idea that reducing microplastic emissions, from whatever source they come from, is very important.

Until now there is no clear definition of microplastic, however Lidl, together with its suppliers of cosmetic and body care products, has set itself the following important goal: the elimination of microplastics in the formulas of cosmetic products of our own brands by 2021, provided that the elimination of synthetic polymers does not significantly limit product performance and/or product safety.

Many cosmetic and body care items already do not contain microplastics. To learn more, download Lidl's position paper on microplastics.

For more information on the topic microplastics and on how it fits into our REset Plastic strategy, visit the dedicated section here.