A better tomorrow – BIODIVERSITY IS A WEALTH

Biodiversity is the basis for functioning ecosystems that are resilient to external changes such as climate change. In addition, protecting biodiversity means that we can continue to offer a wide range without running the risk of losing the availability and quality of some of our products. Intensive farming practices are a major factor in the loss of biodiversity.

For this reason, as a socially responsible company, we take responsibility for our actions throughout the supply chain. We can positively influence the conservation of the diversity of animal and plant species and help preserve their habitats through the selection of our products, the supply of raw materials and paying attention to how we build our stores.

At Lidl, we promote the protection of biodiversity and the sustainable use of resources.

Good to know

According to Greenpeace, the percentage of natural areas covered by virgin forests is 20%. The rainforest is cleared at a rate of 42 football fields per minute.

Our commitment in figures

By 2025

we aim to have supply chains free of deforestation, conversion and exploitation


of risk raw materials certified by 2025 - according to a standard of social and environmental certification

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