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A better tomorrow – for fair & respectful cooperation

Esteem, equity, and respect for human rights and animal welfare standards are indicators of a functioning coexistence. That is why fairness means creating better living conditions for us. Indeed, we are committed to providing an environment in which human rights are protected, diversity and inclusion promoted, adequate remuneration guaranteed, work-life balance and animal welfare safeguarded.

We strive every day to improve the living and working conditions of the people involved in our business and to ensure better animal welfare standards.

Good to know

More than 10% of the world’s population live in extreme poverty; two thirds of the people living in this condition work in agriculture. 

Our commitment in figures

importers, workers and auditors internationally were trained in child labor between 2017 and 2021

By 2025

We are striving to implement a training policy for high risk supply chains aimed at preventing child labor and providing remediation

consecutive years in which we at Lidl Malta are awarded the Top Employer certification

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Our measures for fair cooperation

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