gender equality

Gender equality

Purchasing policy Gender equality in the supply chain

People around the world experience limitations to their rights in the workplace because of their gender, gender identity or sexual orientation. There are many reasons for this, ranging from discriminating socio-economic structures and practices to cultural and social norms.

Addressing the topic of gender equality in the supply chain is another part of our strategic focus of acting fairly. Acting fairly means, among other things, ensuring fair and just working conditions, social standards and employment opportunities for those working in our supply chains.

The protection of human rights is firmly anchored in the Schwarz Group’s Code of Conduct and therefore also constitutes an integral part of agreements with our direct business partners. The topic of gender equality is therefore a key focus of our human rights strategy in purchasing. This Policy sets out our goal of improving the living and working conditions of those who work for us by the end of 2025. 

In particular: 

  • Keeping track of impact
  • Safeguarding standards
  • Expanding fair trade
  • Driving change

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