Timber and wood-based products

Timber and wood-based products

Wood, paper and cellulose

We have developed a responsible purchasing policy for products and packaging that contain wood, paper or cellulose, with the aim of promoting an increasingly sustainable use of forest resources. Through our work we want to fight deforestation, promote biodiversity and the well-being of forests, promoting responsible forestry.

In order to achieve this, we apply the following three principles:

protection of resources by reducing the use of wood, cellulose and paper in Lidl-branded items and in packaging;

use of recycled material, where possible;

• only the use of FSC certified pure fibres in products where recycled material is not possible.

We are committed to converting all non-food products made from wood or cellulose to recycled or FSC certified materials by 2020; these include materials such as textiles, furniture, decorative toys, and stationery. By 2025 all the packaging of food products and items for home care and for personal care under the Lidl brand have to be converted as such as well.

Download the Position Paper to know more.