Purchasing policy for supply chains free from deforestation and conversion

Forests cover 31% of global land area and are crucial to life on earth. As the planet's green lung, they are essential to the air quality of our atmosphere. Intact forests and natural ecosystems are therefore crucial to biodiversity and are the basis for our food supply and health.

Even though forests are vital to human life, they are being destroyed at an alarming rateAgriculture is considered to be the main driver of deforestation and environmental degradation, notably as the result of the direct harvesting of timber, the cultivation of palm oil, soy and cocoa, and the creation of pasture for cattle ranching.

Many of the own-brand products in our range contain raw materials whose production may be associated with deforestation. At Lidl Purchasing, we therefore aim to ensure social and environmental awareness in the raw material supply chains for our products. 

In order to achieve our goal, we have partnered with external stakeholders to develop a holistic strategy based on four pillars.

  • Understand impacts identifying risks in supply chains and ensuring transparency.
  • Establish standards by requiring the certification of our agricultural raw materials at risk.
  • Promote alternatives in our assortment and reduce the supply of raw materials at risk.
  • Promote change by encouraging initiatives and projects.

If you want to know more, dowloand the Purchasing policy for supply chains free from deforestation and conversion below.