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Climate-neutral products

At Lidl, we work every day to meet the quality demands placed on our product assortment. To do this, we rely on high-quality and sustainable products. We can only keep this assortment promise if we take responsibility for our products from the raw material to the shelves of our stores. Together with our partners, we carry out our commitment to a product assortment that respects people and the environment.

Our Responsibility

Our product assortment promise
We want to offer our customers a high-quality and sustainable range of products at the usual favorable Lidl prices. We constantly question our own actions and strive for the optimal solution-in our production, our cooperation with our partners and along our entire supply chain.

Lidl actively promotes climate protection

Lidl takes climate protection very seriously. Global warming is endangering the natural foundations of life. We want to make our contribution towards reducing green house gas emissions (GHG).
By joining the Science Based Target Initiative through the Schwarz Group, Lidl Malta is committing to concrete, scientifically sound climate targets and is taking a strategic approach to climate protection.
In this context, we are committed to a variety of measures such as our dedication to a more climate-friendly store operation.

An important component for our overall climate protection is a sustainable product assortment: Lidl is expanding its product range to include climate-neutral products, e.g.,items under our own brand Vemondo, W5 Eco and Cien Nature, or vegan “Next Level Burger”. Selected non-food items are also being sold in climate-neutral versions.

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Climate-neutra lproducts in the Lidl product assortment

Lidl offers climate-neutral products in its product assortment. That means that customers can consciously select more climate friendly alternatives to conventional products and thus contribute to climate protection.

Customers can rely on Lidl: It is working with experiences partners to offset greenhouse gases. The offsetting projects will be selected following high quality requirements. This allows Lidl to offset emissions which occur during production, transport and disposal. At the same time, only products that fundamentally cause fewer GHG emissions than their alternatives -for example, oat-based drinks- can be considered for this. This is because we want to offer our customers a more climate-friendly option all round.

By expanding a permanently available climate-neutral product assortment, Lidl is contributing to the Paris Climate Agreement. In the future, the company will examine how CO2 emissions can be avoided, reduced or offset for in the supply chain long term and so gradually offer further climate-neutral products.

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to be defined by country