ISO 50001

ISO 50001

Efficiency target for our Company: Since the end of 2016, Lidl Malta has been fully ISO 50001 certified. SGE (Sistema di Gestione dell’Energia, Energy Management System) certification guarantees Lidl Malta’s conformity with current international standards.

We at Lidl, who are always oriented towards innovation and sustainable development, have chosen to follow this important path in 2015 with the aim of adopting a structured and rational approach to the use of energy.

The review process took into consideration the more energy-intensive activities with the aim of optimizing the efficiency of existing technologies and processes. This comprehensive monitoring led to substantial improvements for a more mindful management of energy resources, with the aim of increasing productivity, thus increasing competitiveness.

The adjustments that have been put in place took into consideration the Headquarter structure and all stores of the company, which led to improvements with a low energy impact, such as the use of highly insulating materials and the installation of LED lighting in all buildings.

The path to ISO 50001 certification was also supported by extensive training activities for all our employees, with the aim of passing on knowledge on the rational use of energy and encouraging the use of good daily practices in the field of energy.

Through this energy management we not only lower the operating costs of our facilities but most importantly we optimise the use of natural resources and thus contribute to the long-term reduction of environmental pollution.