As an international business we are fully aware of our size and presence in the public eye.
We respect cultural variety and recognise differences in values and traditions.


Our work is a reflection of our Company Principles:

  • Customer satisfaction is our primary goal.
  • Outstanding value for money defines our market position.
  • We grow through expansion and continuous improvement in our stores.
  • As a retail multiple, we follow a systematic approach.
  • Efficient decision making and simple working practices ensure our success.
  • We comply with applicable law and internal guidelines.
  • In conducting our daily business, we assume economic, social and environmental responsibility.
  • It is our duty to be fair to everyone in our Company.
  • We respect and support each other.
  • We honour our agreements and believe in trust.
  • Praise, recognition and constructive criticism shall determine our working atmosphere.
  • We surround ourselves with ‘strong’ employees – with support through deputies assured in all areas.