Business Partners

Business Partners

We strive to create long-term relationships with our suppliers to offer customers a selection of products that are ever more sustainable and responsive to their needs.

We also focus on working with local suppliers. Our assortment already includes numerous Maltese items, which we aim to increase in the next years.

To ensure a relationship of trust with our suppliers, based on the principles of transparency and fairness, we sign a Code of Conduct with each business partner which sets out clear lines of conduct.

Code of conduct


With the aim of establishing partnerships with counterparts aligned with our values and expectations, also in terms of social and environmental standards, we require our suppliers to sign our Code of Conduct which provides clear behavioural guidelines. This Code is developed in line with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labor Organizaion’s (ILO) main conventions. The code contains mandatory requirements that suppliers must adhere to in order to establish or continue a collaboration with Lidl Malta.  

Our code of conduct contains standards on the following issues:

  1. Respect for human dignity
  2. Respect for the law
  3. Prohibition of child labour
  4. Prohibition of forced labour and disciplinary measures
  5. Regulation of working conditions and remuneration
  6. Prohibition of discrimination
  7. Guarantee of freedom of organisation and assembly
  8. Guarantee of safe and healthy conditions at work
  9. Protection of the environment
  10. Implementation of the standards within the Company

Transparency in the non-food supply chain

As a company active in an international market we work in close collaboration with suppliers from all over the world. We consistently pursue our demand for transparency in our supplier relationships in our actions. For this reason, we provide extensive information about our suppliers in the nonfood sector.