Human Rights Policy Statement

Every day, many millions of people across the globe are involved in the manufacture of food and merchandise sold on the shelves of countless food retailers like Lidl.

Like governments, companies, too, are responsible for ensuring that human rights are upheld in their global supply chains as a non-negotiable requirement and that this respect for human rights is put into practice in their direct business relationships. This is why we at Lidl stand hand-in-hand with our business partners in our commitment to human rights at all stages in our value chain.

Respecting and protecting these fundamental rights is part of our corporate responsibility. In these endeavors, we are guided by the principles set out in internationally valid frameworks such as the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

As we believe that our corporate success rests on treating each other fairly, responsibility for our fellow human beings and society is a firm component of Lidl’s corporate principles. As part of the Schwarz Group, Lidl Malta is committed to upholding human rights. You can download the Policy Statement that applies to the entire Schwarz Group here:



As from November 2019, Lidl has joined the international initiative "Action, Collaboration, Transformation" (ACT) in order to promote subsistence wages for textile industry workers.

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Code of Conduct

Lidl achtet im eigenen Unternehmen und in den Geschäftsbeziehungen zu seinen Geschäftspartnern auf die Umsetzung sozialer Mindeststandards. Auf dieser Grundlage hat Lidl einen eigenen Code of Conduct entwickelt, mit dem Lidl das Ziel verfolgt, soziale Mindeststandards bei seinen Geschäftspartnern in den unterschiedlichen Ländern zu verbessern. Mehr Informationen hier.

Corporate principles

As an international business we are fully aware of our size and presence in the public eye.
We respect cultural variety and recognise differences in values and traditions.

Purchasing policies

Aware of our responsibility as a retailer, we are continuously working on improving the sustainability of our key commodities and ingredients, by approaching the environmental and social issues that are related to their production.
To achieve this we have defined purchasing policies, publicly made available in this section; these guide our work. Through these policies we make purchasing choices aimed at mitigating the social and environmental impacts that occur in the supply chain of our own private labels.